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 On December 17, 2010, hirafu skiing area (existing Niseko mountain resort Grand hirafu) opens ski lift that Niseko Kogen Kanko Co., Ltd. is the first among this area and reaches the 50th anniversary. Our current resort has domestic eminent facilities and very large Aria and gathers ski visitors from all over the world. However, how will you be reflected in mesh of people made an effort for for skiing area establishment for the days of creation?
 Passion to ski of youths who received contact detonation in ski transmission to Kucchancho by hot spring where it began to make ends meet, and it became getting a head start of skiing area development of Kucchancho and reruhi lieutenant colonel, his technique in this Web site in this committee meeting. In addition, we focus whether ski lift is established by what kind of process through events such as all-Japan ski championship Alpen meetings that progressed to be held 50 years after the visit, and ancient people piled up any effort to meet encounter of many people and trace the footprint. And we expose light to summary, leading figures of the ski culture succession toward the future and add more detailed description, and publication as book aims at thought of people surrounding skiing area staff and sliding hands to the present age, skiing area in December, 2011. In addition, we serve as prior notice of this book publication, and we will carry out lecture or exhibition of document photograph that we invite people who had coverage cooperate, and there is.
 reruhi lieutenant colonel introduces skiing into Niseko and, for 100 years, learns from footprint of ancient people at turning point of hirafu skiing area establishment 50 years and thanks, and get bread of future area ski culture development. And we are deep and, from inside and outside the country putting high interest in Niseko to visitor, do our area from history side with opportunity to appeal, and it is big purpose of our business to contribute to the ski culture succession toward the future.

July, 2010
Committee for Publishing a History of
Ski Resort Development at Hirafu

Chairperson Kensaku Kuno Tokyu Resort service Co., Ltd.
Vice chairperson Tomio Okawa President, Field Works Co., Ltd.
Auditor Koji Kunieda Niseko Promotion Board Co., Ltd.
Member Minoru Fukui Director of Hirafu branch office, Kutchan Tourism Association
Member Toshio Fujisawa Chuo Bus Kanko Shoji Co., Ltd.
Member Eiichi Tanaka Niseko Village
Member Jiro Kamiharako Nihon Harmony Resorts KK


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